Metall Kontor Luxembourg

Company Profile

Specialising in advanced steel grating technology, we build all imaginable constructions out of these surfaces – say ventilation systems, shading grids, staircases and the like – as well as smaller metal piece-work. You just ask!

Proud about our 20 years’ manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge galvanizing plant, we ensure the highest quality standards, the most modern technology in the sector and durable protection against corrosion.

Get informed about MKL’s favourable pricing and be confident about our strict observation of delivery deadlines!

We offer


Ventilation system coverings, walkway gratings, tree protection grids, rainwater drainage structures and much more.

Stalen Binnentrap 540x454


Internal and external stairs of houses, apartment blocks, public places and buildings or industrial outfits.


Durable, easy to install, aesthetic fences that fit into the environment harmonically.

Steel Constructions

Steel construction

Major constructions for use in public works or industrial purposes and smaller piecework.