Fixing parts

The grating will be a safe device if they are securely fastened. Basically, the grating should be secured to avoid hazards such as lifting, moving, or stealing.

MKL advises you to use at least 4 mounting clips per m². These fasteners should be checked for condition and firm hold in retrospect.

In addition to our standard program also fasteners may be designed specifically for your application.

S20 – mesh 20x20

S30 – mesh 30x30

S40 – mesh 40x40

SD20 – mesh 20x20

SD30 – mesh 30x30

SD40 – mesh 40x40

SDT20 – top plate mesh 30x30 – 40x40

SU10 – top part U mesh 20x10 - 30x10 - 40 x 10

SUD10 – top part U mesh 20x10 - 30x10 - 40 x 10

S10 mesh 20x10 - 30x10 - 40 x 10

FL – hook attachment

FS – secure attachment

L – loock

Pi welded plate

Hi – hinges inside

Ha – hinges outside