Steel Construction

Major constructions for use in public works or industrial purposes and smaller piecework.

The range of our products on offer recently expanded again with the introduction in our group of a steel construction unit numbering some 50 employees.

Its production site is specialised in light constructions and welded steel structures, in full compliance with DIN 2437, DIN 24531, EN 1090 and RAL GZ-638 norms. Galvanisation processes follow EN ISO 1461 and DASt022 norms.

Your production plans will be conceived and worked out in a professional way by its 3D CAD specialists section.


All goods are delivered as assembly kits without any construction activities being performed by our team;
As always, MKL’s B2B profile still applies within this range of activities, meaning we won’t offer any services to any end user, but will only interact with professional firms.
See some details about one recent project we finished for a client in Luxembourg.