Ventilation system coverings, walkway gratings, tree protection grids, rainwater drainage structures and much more

The following special versions will provide extra security and durability:


Slip promoting substances-like dirt, oil, fat or water -on pedestrian or vehicle access floor coverings, bring increased risk of slippage. With regard to this fact, MKL offers a grating with anti-slip function.

The anti-slip function on gratings is achieved when the bearing and/or cross-bars are produced with notches on of various kinds. Depending on the profiles of the bearing and cross-bars, the gratings are classified into anti-slip categories.

These gratings belong to the anti-slip classifications of R9, R10, R11, R12, and R13. For whichever circumstance, an anti-slip grating form is specified; it is set out in the (BG) trade association regulation.


Galvanization protects gratings from damaging environmental influences and corrosion. MKL gratings are treated with hot-dip galvanization procedures according to DIN EN ISO 1461. This process provides corrosion protection, that withstands even the strongest mechanical stresses like impact and abrasion.


The pre-requisite for valuable hot-dip galvanization is comprehensive surface preparation of the grating. A clean metallic surface is one of the most important basic requirements of hot-dip galvanization. By dipping the grating in a bath of liquid zinc (at approx. 450°c) a covering of iron-zinc alloy is formed, thereby creating a complete zinc-coating over the entire grating.

Pressure-locked gratings that are manufactured from steel, are always hot-dip galvanized. Stainless steel gratings;or aluminium gratings;require in general no additional protective coatings against corrosion. It is however recommended that they are acid-pickled or anodized. You can read more about gratings manufactured from diverse materials and their fields of application, in our products section.