Aluminium gratings

The aluminum-made MKL gratings are very light. They are used when weight is critical. They also have high corrosion resistance. In facades, sun protection or ceiling suspensions are estimated their attractive appearance.

Aluminum gratings can also be used for flooring or stair treads.
By floorings the constitution of substructure plays an important role.
Our expert staff is available in this regard for the technical support.

• Façade gratings
• Sun protection elements
• Privacy screen
• Light shaft covers
• Ventilation gratings
• Floor coverings


20x2 – 25x2 – 30x2 – 35x2
40x2 – 50x2 – 60x2
20x3 – 25x3 – 30x3 – 35x3
40x3 – 50x3 – 60x3

Manufacturing length 

Bearingbar: max. 2500 mm
Crossbar: max. 2500 mm

Grating sizes 

Standard maximal 2 m²
Special sizes in consultation


AIMg3 AIMg1 F15 MKL used a flat steel with profiling to bordering the gratings. Other border as T-profile or flat steel.

Surface treatment 

Powder coating (according to RAL)
Anodising (according anodizing panel)

Antislip version 

When need slip resistance there are different versions. The anti-slip combination of bearing and cross-bars have an influence on the corresponding class (R10-R13).

CSM2 type Serrated bearing-bars + serrated cross-bars;
CSM2-1 type Serrated bearing-bars;
CSM2-2 type Serrated cross-bars.


The charge-capacity at the grating is determined by the height and thickness of the bearing-bars (=supporting-bars). The bearing-bar must always be supported. Therefore, the bearing-bar is in all our documents = first dimension. Cross-bars and bordering off the grid contribute to the stability.
Aluminium gratings facade
Aluminium gratings facade
Aluminium gratings facade
Aluminium gratings facade
Aluminium gratings
Aluminium gratings anti-slip
Aluminium gratings decoration
Aluminium gratings